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VLA Setup Process

CLIKdata's Google Vehicle Listing Ads Solution


GOOGLE Vehicle Listing Ads

Consumers who search for vehicles in your area will see ads of new and used inventory from your dealership.

When searching, users will see a variety of information including...

  • Location
  • Make
  • Model
  • Price
  • Mileage

Get the turnkey solution that eliminates all the tedious steps and ongoing management required to have a successful VLA Program

Tracking Capabilities

Conversion tracking capabilities include leads, store visits, and traffic for your dealership.


Google Vehicle Listing Ads has now officially opened in Beta status for you!

Google VLAs are a performance-focused, lower-funnel ad format that enables auto advertisers to promote their entire inventory of new and used vehicles to interested users shopping for vehicles online. 

Ads appear on Google desktop, Map results, and across other Google surfaces. 

With CLIKdata, you gain access to the connection of every entity needed to get started with VLA. 

The vehicle preview gives potential customers a substantial amount of data to pique their interest. Selecting a vehicle will transfer the potential buyer to the vehicle description page on the dealership website.


The VLA Ads program has been generating results like these

Increase in VDP Views



Increase in Form Fills


Increase in Phone Calls

What Does it Look Like?

CLIKdata specializes in making the VLA setup process easy and roadblock free as possible. This is a very tedious and time-consuming process to do on your own. There are a slew of steps within each step of this diagram and we assist in setting up the vehicle ads, merchant listing, connection to your Google Profile, Google Ads account, website verification, tracking, and more.

Common errors that can occur when your VLA is not set up correctly are. 

  • Account suspended
  • Bid strategy misconfigured
  • Feed authorization failure

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is VLA available everywhere?

Answer: Currently the program is only available in the United States. Google anticipates opening its ads program up to additional countries soon.

Question: How much do Vehicle Listing Ads Cost?

Answer: Vehicle listing Ad Assistance with CLIKdata starts at $699/mo per location and includes Cars For Sale Inventory feed which is required for VLA. We also offer a full bundle package including a fully managed listing service for $997/mo.

Question: How many vehicles do we need in inventory for this program?

Answer: There is no minimum as long as the feed receives approval in the Marchant Center.

Question: Where do VLA ads appear?

Answer: Ads appear on Google desktop and Maps results and across other Google surfaces. 

Question: Do I need a Merchant Center account for VLA?

Answer: Yes, Merchant Center creation is an early part of CLIKdata's onboarding to Vehicle Listing Ads. 

Question: What is the minimum budget to run ads?

Answer: A minimum budget of $50 per day should be allocated to make sure Google shows your ads.